It’s an 8 Second Ride | Dress for Success Part 2 | How it Applies to Real Estate | Staging

28 02 2011

Research shows you only have 8 seconds to make a home fall in love with your home.  Yep…it’s that fast.  That’s all it takes for them to form their first opinion about your home.  Let’s learn how to make it the best we possibly can!

As we discussed yesterday, you wouldn’t go to an interview looking anything but 110% put together and tidy.  Think of selling your home as an interview process for the buyers.  They are interviewing your home to be their own.  Here’s how to put on your best show!

For tips on what to do on the outside, see yesterday’s post.

Tips on what you can do on the inside:

#1: Hire a professional stager for their opinion.  Hands down, it will be the best investment you can make.

#2: Clean up.  Cleaning every room from top to bottom is an absolute must, including closets & cabinets.  Don’t forget to mop the hardwood floors to make them shine.

#3: De-Clutter & De-Personalize. Buyers want to imagine themselves living in your space.  Help them do that by removing personal items, pictures & knick-knacks from walls, tables & the fridge.

#4: Open Windows.  Unless the weather doesn’t permit, open the windows to let in some fresh air, especially if you have pets.

#5: Make it Cozy.  Set the thermostat to make sure potential buyers are comfortable enough they’ll want to linger.  If you have fireplaces, show them off by lighting them.

#6: Awaken Other Senses. Bake some cookies, brew a fresh pot of coffee, light a candle with a gentle scent, play some soft instrumental music in the background.  These subtle stimuli will create a sense of calm & enhance the pleasant impression of your home.

#7: Lighten Up. Make sure your homes feels bright & alive.  Pull open any window coverings & turn on all the lights – even the ones over appliances and in closets.

As as common sense dictates to you, make yourself scarce.  It’s best to leave the showing to the capable professional & allow the buyer to feel comfortable in your home (which they won’t if you’re present).



Dress for Success Part 1| How it Applies to Real Estate | Staging

27 02 2011

You wouldn’t go to an interview with a stain on your shirt and have it half tucked in & half untucked, right?  Of course you wouldn’t (silly question).  The same concept rings true when selling you home.  Staging is a fantastic way to Dress your home for Success.

Tips on what you can do on the outside:

#1: Hire a professional stager for their opinion.  Hands down, it will be the best investment you can make.

#2: Tidy up.  Rake the leaves, sweep the floors, wipe down the counters.  Clear the steps.

#3: Color Splash! Brighten your home with seasonal flowers in beds, weeding & removing dead shrubbery & trees.

#4: Fresh Cut.  Mow your lawn & edge your sidewalk for a manicured look.

#5: Remove Clutter.  Stow garbage cans, gardening supplies & all unnecessary items out of sight or in a garden shed.

#6: Face Lift. (for your home, silly) A fresh coat of paint on the door, a new floor mat (in and out) & clean windows freshen up the home & make it seem newer.

#7: Functionality. Replace broken doorbells, loose pavers or handrails, and make sure the bulbs work in any outdoor lighting.

#8: Consider the Rear-View.  Buyers will want to see your backyard.  All the same rules apply here; keep it tidy, colorful, well-maintained, de-cluttered and functional.  Stow excess furniture & all children’s toys.

Bi-Weekly Real Estate Market Update Billings, Montana, Part 2

26 02 2011

The number of active listing in Billings Proper by Price Range (residential only).

  • $0-$100,000 – 55
  • $100,000-$200,000 – 381
  • $200,000-$300,000 – 228
  • $300,000-$400,000 – 77
  • $400,000-$500,000 – 31
  • $500-$750,000 – 23
  • $750,000 & up – 13

You can compare this to the older stats post from late January here, or early February here.

Bi-Weekly Real Estate Market Update Billings, Montana, Part 1

25 02 2011

Latest & Greatest Stats for Billings Proper (Areas 1-10):

  • 808 Active (homes available for sale without offers)
  • 56 Closed in the last month
  • 215 Days of Inventory
  • 115 Listing went under contract in the last 30 days (accepted offers, but aren’t ready to close yet)
  • Average Sold vs. List Price = 97%
  • Days on Market = 72 (this is only from the current MLS number…it may have been on market one, two three times before…maybe the sign didn’t even come out of the ground….just taken off/put back on market with a new MLS number)

Billings Proper is defined as:

  1. Billings Heights (East of Main Street)
  2. Billings Heights (West of Main)
  3. Lockwood/Emerald Hills
  4. South Billings
  5. Blue/Duck Creek
  6. Downtown
  7. Northwest Billings
  8. West Billings
  9. Laurel/Park City
  10. Shepherd, Huntley, Worden, Ballentine, Pompy’s Pillar

You can compare this to older stats from the end of January here & or from the beginning of February here.

I think this is impressive :)

24 02 2011

I don’t use this blog as a means to promote myself or Century 21, but I think this is just too cool to not share.

How many places do you think I can market your home for you?  The answer?  Marketing 2011 Syndication as of 2.21.11.

Time for a new faucet!

23 02 2011

So, this one isn’t the show stopper of all faucets, but if you have one of those cheapy acrylic/crystal knobby things/a dated/colored/ugly/stained faucet, this is going to be a GIANT step up in most buyers eyes.

It’s under $100 & you should be able to get this installed yourself.  If you can’t, be nice to your neighbor & maybe they’ll help.  Offer up beer or cookies or something.  🙂

Here she is!

Make sure you pick one that matches the other hardware in your bathroom (towel bars, toilet paper holder, towel hooks, etc.).  Heck, maybe it’s time to update those, too?  If you have brass, the answer is Yes.  It’s time to update.

Spruce up your Bathroom and Make it Look More Custom

22 02 2011

Do you ever visit high end homes?  Or watch them on TV?  Notice they rarely (if ever) have that uni-mirror thing going on that most homes have.  By that I mean one huge flat mirror held on the wall by a few brackets over the sink area.

You can get that look, too, without spending a fortune.  That big mirror on your wall is expensive!  Maybe find a place you set up a workout area in your house so you can re-use that monster on the wall.  BUT – please consider hiring a professional glass company to remove/move it for you.  That large sheet of glass is HEAVY & dangerous.

Once you get it off the wall, use that as a good time to update your paint.  A fresh coat of paint is worth SO MUCH.  It cleans everything up and makes is crisper.  And for goodness sake, if you have wallpaper – remove it.

Here’s a link to some inexpensive mirrors you can use.

Look back in the next few days and I’ll keep posting other items you can find at Lowe’s for not a lot of money, but can help you update things on a budget & generally install them by yourself.  🙂  Yay for changing it up, right?

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