Dress for Success Part 1| How it Applies to Real Estate | Staging

27 02 2011

You wouldn’t go to an interview with a stain on your shirt and have it half tucked in & half untucked, right?  Of course you wouldn’t (silly question).  The same concept rings true when selling you home.  Staging is a fantastic way to Dress your home for Success.

Tips on what you can do on the outside:

#1: Hire a professional stager for their opinion.  Hands down, it will be the best investment you can make.

#2: Tidy up.  Rake the leaves, sweep the floors, wipe down the counters.  Clear the steps.

#3: Color Splash! Brighten your home with seasonal flowers in beds, weeding & removing dead shrubbery & trees.

#4: Fresh Cut.  Mow your lawn & edge your sidewalk for a manicured look.

#5: Remove Clutter.  Stow garbage cans, gardening supplies & all unnecessary items out of sight or in a garden shed.

#6: Face Lift. (for your home, silly) A fresh coat of paint on the door, a new floor mat (in and out) & clean windows freshen up the home & make it seem newer.

#7: Functionality. Replace broken doorbells, loose pavers or handrails, and make sure the bulbs work in any outdoor lighting.

#8: Consider the Rear-View.  Buyers will want to see your backyard.  All the same rules apply here; keep it tidy, colorful, well-maintained, de-cluttered and functional.  Stow excess furniture & all children’s toys.




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