Desperate for some Feedback

31 03 2011

Ok, for the most part I’ve been blogging everyday (with the exception of a funeral & a weekend workshop/travel time).  I have this publicized to Yahoo!, Twitter, Facebook, and the like.  How often do you WANT to hear from me?  Is everyday good?  Is there content you want to see covered that I haven’t hit yet?  Do you want me to recycle the older stuff on occasion so you can see it if you missed it during the first round?  Would you prefer a few times a week instead?

Come on…help a girl out.  What do YOU want?  See the comment box below?  Please use it for me and give me some constructive feedback.


Secrets From a Social Media ‘Genius’ : Speaking of Real Estate

31 03 2011

This is so ridiculous, I couldn’t help but share.  Be prepared, you’ll probably laugh out loud at some point.  Make sure your boss is out of earshot.

Secrets From a Social Media ‘Genius’ : Speaking of Real Estate.

What you can do with $1,000 or Less

29 03 2011

I don’t know about you, but I WANT that TUB!!!!!

Improving Your Home for $1,000 or Less | LinkedIn.


28 03 2011

MID?  What on earth does that stand for?

It’s Mortgage Interest Deduction.  Right now the Government rewards us for being homeowners by allowing us to deduct the interest we pay each year on our mortgages from what our taxable income is.  Pretty darn cool (even if you didn’t know, but own a home).  Just one of the many benefits of being a homeowner.  🙂  There is no deduction for your monthly rent if you don’t own a home, but a HUGE portion of your monthly payment in the first half of your mortgage (think at least 15 years) is ONLY interest….seriously – I haven’t run the numbers to give you the example, but assume it’s about 90%+.

If you’d like to see this continue, please contact your congress representative and tell them how you feel.  This is one of the many cuts being discussed in Washington right now.


Biweekly Real Estate Market Update | Late March 2011 | Part 2

27 03 2011

The number of active listing in Billings Proper by Price Range (residential only).

  • $0-$100,000 – 50
  • $100,000-$200,000 – 389
  • $200,000-$300,000 – 261
  • $300,000-$400,000 – 87
  • $400,000-$500,000 – 30
  • $500-$750,000 – 24
  • $750,000 & up – 12

You can compare this to the older stats post from Late January, Early February, Late February, Early March.


Late March Billings Real Estate Market Update | Part 1

26 03 2011

Latest & Greatest Stats for Billings Proper (Areas 1-10):

  • 853 Active (homes available for sale without offers)
  • 105 Closed in the last month
  • 226 Days of Inventory
  • 133 Listing went under contract in the last 30 days (accepted offers, but aren’t ready to close yet)
  • Average Sold vs. List Price = 96%
  • Days on Market = 76 (this is only from the current MLS number…it may have been on market one, two three times before…maybe the sign didn’t even come out of the ground….just taken off/put back on market with a new MLS number)

Billings Proper is defined as:

  1. Billings Heights (East of Main Street)
  2. Billings Heights (West of Main)
  3. Lockwood/Emerald Hills
  4. South Billings
  5. Blue/Duck Creek
  6. Downtown
  7. Northwest Billings
  8. West Billings
  9. Laurel/Park City
  10. Shepherd, Huntley, Worden, Ballentine, Pompy’s Pillar

You can compare this to older stats here for Late January, Early February, Late February, Early March


Don’t miss out, if you’re thinking of buying

25 03 2011

REALTOR® Magazine-Daily News-Buyers Ready to Snatch Bargains This Spring.

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