Bi-weekly Real Estate Market Update | Early May 2011

26 04 2011

I know it’s hard to read, but if you click on it, and then click on it again, it’ll zoom in for you ūüôā

You can compare this to the older stats post from Late January, Early February, Late February, Early March, Late March, Early & Late April for Part 1 & Late January, Early February, Late February, Early March, Late March, Early & Late April for part 2.

AND, just now realizing I missed Early April, so here’s that one for ya ūüėČ


Calling All Landlords | $600 1099 Landlord Reporting Law Repealed

17 04 2011


$600 1099 Landlord Reporting Law Repealed : Speaking of Real Estate.

The IDEAL Formula for assessing Investment Property

15 04 2011
  • Income from Cash Flow – This is is fairly obvious why it’s good, right?
  • Depreciation Deductions – You depreciate real property (not land, but a building) to help reduce your taxable income (not on your primary¬†residence)
  • Equity Buildup – As you pay down your mortgage, you gain equity you can leverage for other properties!
  • Appreciation – The market is not always stable, but generally speaking, Real Estate appreciates. ¬†See The Rule of 72 blog post here….
  • Leverage – If you buy $100,000 worth of stocks, you need $100,000 & you get appreciation on $100,000. ¬†If you buy $100,000 worth of real estate, you need $20,000, but still get appreciation on $100,000. ¬†Nice. ¬†ūüôā ¬†Yep….that spells IDEAL.

Buy Real Estate in Your IRA | Traditional, Roth, and SEP-IRA

13 04 2011

Online Exclusive: Buy Real Estate in Your IRA.

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