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11 03 2011

When it comes time to sell, every space a buyer is ever going to see is important.  REALLY important.  I’ve talked extensively about how to stage the exterior and interior of your home when you are going to be putting in on the market.  We haven’t talked about where the garage space falls in these chats.

My suggestion is to use your time preparing your home for sale to sort/eliminate/give away/donate all the items you don’t use or need anymore.  It feels pretty darn good to pare down.  This is true in the garage space also.  Making it look clean, spacious & well maintained is just as important as the rest of the home.

Please, DON’T use your garage as a storage shed if you can help it.  If you can find the extra $20/month to rent a storage shed, it will probably pay you back much more than ten-fold if you get an offer that is faster, therefore closer to full price (if not, full price).  The first two weeks of having you home on the market are the most crucial.

There will be “pent-up” buyers waiting for their “perfect” property.  These are the one’s that are already working with their Realtor®, have their pre-approval letter, and are ready/willing/able.  They are 100% the most important buyers, so we want to “do it right the first time”.  Sure, there are new buyers that enter the marketplace, but there is no rhyme or reason to how many & how fast.  The longer your home sits on the market, the lower your offer will most likely be, or you could end up with one or more price reductions.

So, you may be wondering, what can I do?  I suggest getting organizational shelves, hooks, and such.  Give as many items a actual “home” as you can.

#1: Hang bikes – you can simply get a hook that screws into the wall.  The link is for one that is less than a buck from Home Depot!  YAY!  It doesn’t have to be bike specific.  Find a wall & screw it in up fairly high.  They you can hook the back wheel of the bike around it & voila, you have feed up a LOT of space on the ground.

#2: Metal Shelving & Crates – It’s so hard to find a good home for things like ski gear, gardening tools, painting supplies, car washing supplies, snow pants, etc.  My husband and I personally have hung adjustable bracketing on our walls & have gotten heavy duty wire shelving so we can pick the distance & it’s customizable over time of how the shelves will be spaced.  We also have a lot of old crates.  Everything has it’s home.  One holds bicycle helmets, gloves, shoes, etc.  One holds ski gear & snow pants, one holds painting supplies, etc.  You can label them if you’d like, but the beauty of the crates are you can see through them, so you know what you’ve got & where.  YAY!  Massive organizing just happened 🙂

#3: Sweep the floor.  In fact, consider epoxy painting the floor.  It will make a great heavy duty “clean” feel.  Easier to wipe up spills, it will also brighten a plain concrete floor, making it feel more like inside.

#4: Make sure all the light bulbs are in working order to make it as bright as possible.

#5: Try to NOT take stuff from the inside while staging & simply move it out to the garage and make a pile of clutter there.

#6: If you have a storage shed, move all lawn mowers, snow blowers, etc. to the shed to make sure your space is as free as possible.




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12 05 2011
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