Spruce up your Bathroom and Make it Look More Custom

22 02 2011

Do you ever visit high end homes?  Or watch them on TV?  Notice they rarely (if ever) have that uni-mirror thing going on that most homes have.  By that I mean one huge flat mirror held on the wall by a few brackets over the sink area.

You can get that look, too, without spending a fortune.  That big mirror on your wall is expensive!  Maybe find a place you set up a workout area in your house so you can re-use that monster on the wall.  BUT – please consider hiring a professional glass company to remove/move it for you.  That large sheet of glass is HEAVY & dangerous.

Once you get it off the wall, use that as a good time to update your paint.  A fresh coat of paint is worth SO MUCH.  It cleans everything up and makes is crisper.  And for goodness sake, if you have wallpaper – remove it.

Here’s a link to some inexpensive mirrors you can use.

Look back in the next few days and I’ll keep posting other items you can find at Lowe’s for not a lot of money, but can help you update things on a budget & generally install them by yourself.  🙂  Yay for changing it up, right?




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