What’s the likelihood your neighbor’s place will sell?

24 01 2011

You’re super curious.  You’ve scoped out the open house ads and plan to check out the stranger-you-call-your-neighbor’s digs on Sunday.  The Realtor is going to be there from 1-3 the paper says.  Sunday rolls around and you and your husband jet over to check it out.

After the walk back home, you determine with your spouse that your home is MUCH better & you can’t believe how much your crazy-stranger-neighbor is asking for their home, but you’re rooting for them anyway.  If that house sells for $150,000, your’s is most definitely worth $200,000.  (by the way, this reasoning isn’t sound)

You watch the cars come and go with all the potential buyers and Realtors showing the house.  Four months go by & you begin to get annoyed because you see the neighbor has dropped the price to $125,000 & it’s still not selling.  So, you call up the listing agent’s office and ask “what gives?”

Well…the likelihood is about 50% that your neighbors house will sell.  OMG!  ONLY 50%?  That’s why it’s super important to have a spotless clean house, put all your extra stuff in storage, not cook fish or any other funkiness that will stink up your place & finally…price it right.  It’s a path to putting more mulah in your palms for the next go-round.  I know…seems counter-intuitive, but I promise.  Pricing it right to begin with it the most sure fired way you can help yourself (and having it be “show-ready”).




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21 02 2011
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