Neighborhood – Rehberg Ranch Estates, Billings, Montana

21 01 2011

Rehberg Ranch has seen it’s fair share of press, and most if it “not so good”.  The original plans for the neighborhood turned out to be a bit different that what it actually in place now (or so I’ve been told).  Some of the first to buy/build were pretty durn testy over it, too…enough to ruin the name of their neighborhood in the press on a consistant basis (how STUPID is THAT?!?  gee, I hate it here…I’m going to ruin my neighborhood reputation and then want to sell my house for top dollar…DUH PEOPLE).  Ok, I’m off my soap box.  I, on the other hand, had a very different experience.  With the exception of one moron neighbor (unfortunately, right next door, but can happen anywhere), I loved it.  I loved that I felt out of town, but was really just over a little hill.  I love everyone on my street & the way fun block parties we used to have (I’m sure they still do).  I loved the views, the walking paths, the nice homes around, my friendly neighbors (got the neighbor kid hired to mow…it was great).  All in all, it was pretty cool.  It was still relatively close to everything in Billings (only about 4 minutes away from the Durland Heights neighborhood I lived in before), but it felt WAY the hell out there.  I’m talking, it was annoying to go get milk.  Seemingly, just going “down the hill” into town seemed like a large effort.  Kinda funny, but it was true.  When in town had no weather, sometimes we had a foot of fresh snow.  I found Jan Rehberg & Steve (in the main house) to both be friendly & helpful whenever I needed them.  The neighborhood was clean & in great shape.  Now the rants (other than moron neighbor) – I already mentioned it felt like forever to go to the store, and it’s hard to get places to deliver food there…but mainly it was just hard to find good running/biking/walk trails where I could go for more than 1/4-1/2 mile at a time.  I like 2-5 mile loops for running & more like 20-40 for biking & I just didn’t feel comfortable on Highway 3/Airport Road for those activities.  Also, I wasn’t a fan of the lack of mature trees in the neighborhood.  I know that’s the case with any new neighborhood, but it’s one of those things I didn’t even consider until I lived there. The proximity to the airport & the Rod & Gun Club was a perceived negative by many in the community, but I can say, when I lived there, neither of those things bothered me at all.  🙂   All in all, I still think it’s a nice place to live & would recommend it to any friends/family/future clients who are considering it.  I still have several friends who live there & have loved it sine they moved in!




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