Neighborhood – Northwest Billings

20 01 2011

Ok, so that’s a really huge area, especially as defined by our MLS.  In the MLS, it’s known as area 7, and it basically from Grand Avenue to the North & everything West of Virginia Lane.  Holy smokes, that’s a lot of square miles.  I’m going to narrow that down just a little.  I lived near Rimrock & Zimmerman Trail, on Brayton Street in the Durland Heights Subdivision, to be specific.  It was my first house.  I bought when I was brand new 24.  I loved it.  My second favorite house I ever owned (only to the one I live in now).  The neighborhood had many of the same perks I enjoy in the Tree Streets….easy access to anywhere (Heights, Westend, Downtown), there were a lot of parks nearby (in the Wilshire & Gregory Hills subdivisions, was were connected to Durland Heights).  I enjoyed time playing horse shoes, swinging, and playing catch in those parks!  There were a lot of nice walking/running routes & there’s a great view of the Rims.  The only rant I have about when I lived there is I’d get stuck behind the school busses a lot on Rimrock and Poly in the mornings on my way to work.  Can’t complain too much about that!




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