Neighborhood – The Tree Streets in Billings, Montana

19 01 2011

Thought I’d take the next few blogs to discuss different neighborhoods I’ve lived in, or have knowledge of in Billings and talk about my raves and rants about them.  I’d like to start with where I live now, which is the Tree Streets neighborhood, coined from the obvious….starts at about Locust, and then we’ve got Ash, Elm, Pine & Spruce, ending with Virginia Lane.  Poly acts as the Northern Boundary with Grandview, McDonnell, Colton & Beverly Hills rounding out the subdivision.  For the most part, the ‘hood is littered with homes from the late 1930’s through the mid-late 1940’s.  I have lived in homes that are brand new, from the 60’s, the 70’s, the 90’s and so far, my 1930’s vintage is my absolute fave!  What I love the most is the character – the architectural detail, but I digress…back to the neighborhood.  I love that I can get anywhere in 15 minutes or less (Heights, Westend, downtown), I live less than three minutes to the airport (but I don’t ever notice planes flying), I can walk to the farmers market downtown or to visit a friend in the hospital.  I love that I have a GIANT park a block away (Pioneer Park) & a tons of different routes to run/bicycle/walk the dogs.  I love that I’m minutes from Swords Park, which is wrapping up to be a really cool place.  All in all.  It’s amazing & I doubt I’ll ever move from here.  I it.  I have no rants about my current neighborhood.  Pretty fantastic, really.




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